New Book


by Akiko Imairi

from BUNGEISHA 1260 Yen

Cover page graphic: Aaron Hill

Abstract This book is about a single female Japanese in her 30s who entered one of the historically black colleges and universities in the US. She was the only Japanese graduate student at Norfolk State University in Virginia.

This book consists of unique experiences she had and her opinions regarding meaningful lectures and discussions about Black America at the school. The author Akiko Imairi worked as a TV host and radio DJ in Japan. She obtained a master in Mass Communications and Journalism at Norfolk State University.

The stories include: What is HBCU?
Students at the Black College
Becoming the president of International Students Organization
Studying Hip Hop
People I met at the black college Singing Gospel

You can order "Black college" at bookstores across Japan.

Order also through the publisher BUNGEISHA. Contact 03-5369-2299.

If you are currently living in the US, you can order Black College through KINOKUNIYA New York. Call 212-766-7766.